New part of my blog called INSTAWEEK! 

Since I have no koala tea photos in my camera right now, and my phone is being a substitute, here are some instagram pictures I have taken the past week. 

  1. Wooo hooray for my bb’s case! 
  2. Singing contest + spelling contest at school, WHOLE day without class sessions. Super fun day!
  3. We went to S&R and ate pizza. See all that cheese…I ate it hahaha
  4. S&R’s rack of Nutella. I wanted to get it all.
  5. Went to grounded then me and my friends ate at mcdo 
  6. I also got this large strawberry cone and all I loved it to bits
  7. EXODUS 14:14 everyone
  8. Magnum, I loved it as well hehe
  9. My sister is so cute, she drew this <3

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07 / 29 / 12

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